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PR Community | Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of this disease. 2020 has been a powerful year for many of us, and as we steer our way through focusing on immunity and safety, there are so many out there who have the additional challenge of being high risk and fighting a battle like cancer.

Our PR blog is about our community and choices we make in product and support for the people around us – designers, team, customers.

Our natural care products are made by Pinky Staeck, a lady of Indian origin who has made Sri Lanka home over several years. Her children grew up here and her husband chose Sri Lanka over the U.S. to cement their roots after retirement from the garment industry.

Parabens and sulfates are known and proven carcinogens. I have always possessed a great interest in healing foods and natural health and I work hard to eliminate toxins from my family’s lives and care. Our natural bath and body range of products are part of this journey. We work closely with Pinky on expanding the range she creates exclusively for PR.

On Pinky’s journey to creating her original care products, her life was met with Breast Cancer, and this beautiful lady is a survivor. Her interest in natural care was only strengthened by this stumbling block and we are so privileged for her to share a bit of her story, in her words.

"Tomorrow Is Another Day"

Ten years later my life goes on unchanged.

Looking back at the things I did right, which made a big difference...

  • Immediate consultation

  • Follow the treatment

  • Take care of myself

  • Losing hair didn’t bother me - loved my bald head

  • I listened to my body

  • Stayed positive and determined

  • Counted many sheep and considered tomorrow to be another day

"Last but not least could not have done it without my family and loved ones who were always there for me. My advice is to please do not be afraid. It’s a rough journey with green pastures to enjoy."
- Pinky Staeck

Our natural care collection is designed to help you take care of yourself with products that are honest, clean, certified and made in small batches. Formulated with plant extracts and organic ingredients our beauty, body & bath range is developed personally by Annika who – together with Pinky – handpicks the scents, blends and self-care products we would like to see on our shelves!

Shop our range of natural products for your face, body,

hair and home online at!

Another special product we have in store this month is our non-profit Love String bracelet created by local label 1948 for raising cancer awareness for the month of October. 50% of the proceeds of the sale go towards the breast prosthesis initiative by the Indira Cancer Trust, the balance 50% is in aid of the women who produce the bracelets who lost

their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic #ShopforACause #1948 #BreastCancerAwareness

Shop the 1948 Pink Love Strings here!


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