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Owning up on World Environment Day

The most frequently asked question of the hour has been, how has the pandemic changed your view of fashion? and how is your business adapting?

I’ve answered this question so many times it’s irritating.

I’ve always been interested in natural food and health and if you’ve been following our blog, you know why, it’s simply because it’s better for us and I feel strongly about the power of nature.

It has been more recently though, that I’ve learned that the power of nature is something I need to work harder to protect and a greater awareness of Climate Change.

To enforce the passion, I have a young Earth Guardian son and I’ve been co-teaching him on his final Primary Year Project which has been a study on the subject considering history, expert opinion, lots of numbers and more.

This World Environment Day, instead of telling you all the things I’m doing at home and at work that are kinder to the environment and our bodies, I decided to declare the first 10 faults which come to mind which I acknowledge and want to change. If I know where I need to improve, it’s becomes a conscious decision and share that living consciously is not a switch, it’s a journey. You can be at any stage to start.

  1. I don’t take re-usable containers to buy fish and meat at the supermarket enough - I willingly accept plastic for it

  2. I use cling film at home

  3. I use ear buds with plastic and synthetic dental floss

  4. I use a plastic toothbrush

  5. I haven’t signed up with Eco Friends yet

  6. I need to set up our Compost Bin at PR

  7. We need to use natural cleaning products, in the store and at home

  8. I’m not riding my bike to work at all

  9. I enjoy the AC at bed time

  10. I often put on more lights

At this point in time, the link between what is kinder to the environment, also prioritizes kindness to ourselves and one another. How can we have one without the other?

It seems apt that we are being reminded of that at this point in time with the murder of two innocents, George Floyd and a Sri Lankan black leopard. Followed with outrage at the abuse of an innocent autistic boy on our land and a real look at ourselves in the mirror.

The last question my son asked all his interviewees for his project research was "Will people still care about the environment after Corona?"

When we watch the news, they are already fading the pandemic out and shifting focus. At the end and the beginning, it is always up to us to make the change as individuals and raise awareness by setting example.

I don’t have the answers, but I’m on the journey.

With love,



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