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PR #AtHome Self-Care & Natural Skincare

Well being is important during these challenging times, a new skincare routine could be the perfect self-care pick me up. Learn more about our range of natural products for your face, body, hair and home.

“When I founded PR, I knew I needed a range of quality skincare. Pinky, a dear family friend who believes in natural products, produces high quality skin care for us at PR. I was nervous about skincare as I felt we all had our go-to brands, but I believe in and always prefer natural materials for their holistic benefits to improve our skin, mind and soul. Now, my whole family uses our natural care products!”
- Annika Fernando

Our natural care collection is designed to help you take care of yourself with products that are honest, clean, certified and made in small batches. Formulated with plant extracts and organic ingredients our beauty, body & bath range is developed personally by Annika who – together with our manufacturer – handpicks the scents, blends and self-care products we would like to see on our shelves.

Our skincare range is inspired by a combination of customer requests, personal wishes and often, our lovely manufacturer is working on something she has been wanting to create. Once a product is finalized it is tested to ensure the formulation used is within the parameters to make it a safe product, it is then certified by the local authorities for sale.

We are honest about our skincare; we work with qualified biochemists to manufacture our products, all our products are marked with a percentage stating their natural composition – ranging from 95 to 100% natural content – and all ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced locally and internationally.

Our products are handmade locally in small batches from manufacturing to packaging, making them the perfect gift or souvenir! Our team has been trained to advise our customers on what product works best for different skin types. Do ask and they would be happy to help!

Customer Review

“ For the last couple of years I have started to explore and use more natural and organic products for my skin and home. During my recent pregnancy, I was paying a lot of attention to what I use on my skin. It's not a secret that our skin absorbs everything we put on it and nourishing our skin is very important with the safe and right products.”

Sasha Tolstikova Sasha is a personal trainer, married to a Sri Lankan & new mother to her gorgeous 3 month old baby boy

Shop our range of natural products for your face, body, hair and home online at!


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