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PR Designer | 5 years of ANUK

Every label we represent in store is a piece of our soul.

We've been with Anuk from the first day designer Samaadhi Weerasinghe was ready to share it with the world. It was a time when PR held regular events and we recall people excitedly shopping the first styles from this debut collection.

This label was always personal. Anuk happens to be Samaadhi's brother's name and her debut signature styles were named after her closest friends, Shana, Tareeni and Anika.

When Anuk was launched, Samaadhi was mid-twenties and her colour palette and silhouettes were already mature for her years. In the time since, the label has collaborated with Sri Lankan artist, Muvindu Binoy and with PR house label Maus and also communicated it's further commitment to responsible and sustainable design via it's original 'No Waste Collection' and the usage of eco-friendly Tencel in the new Neutral line of prêt wear.

5 years can seem a short time, but when we view the collections, number of people wearing and shopping this Sri Lankan label, the international recognition Anuk's received, trunk shows it's participated in and the challenging times through which Samaadhi has not stopped creating, designing and producing... it's proof of a strong label that stays true to it's ethos. We are so proud of the local labels we represent at PR and the resilience and adapting they've been forced to do due to challenging times and we want to celebrate every achievement.

Anuk is an innovative label that in it's introductory 5 years has already become the inspiration for so many other new labels, we know that the only way is up. Samaadhi is a smart cookie.

We chatted with Samaadhi on how she feels on Anuk's birthday this year.

- When did Anuk launch? Samaadhi - 11th of November 2016 (it was a Friday evening to be very precise ;))

- Tell us how you felt about the brand at that point in time. Samaadhi - It was almost a romantic idea. I almost felt like I was giving birth to something.

Before launching I only wanted to share with my inner circle, doing my research, working on the finer details, building the brand identity so there was a solid foundation.

- How do you feel about the brand now? Samaadhi - It is as hectic as being a mother to an entire village and being able to sustain, feed and keep things going.

- What has changed or forced the change? Samaadhi - My designs have changed. I started the brand when I was 25 my style and outlook on life was so different to what it is now. I feel that each collection pretty much described the mood or life crisis I was going through. I also started listening to my customers, what they were asking from me, I looked into my sales reports, what's selling best. The last 5 years have made me realise that being creative isn't enough you need to look at the data. There needs to be a good balance between creativity, inspiration and data.

"Being creative isn't enough, you need to look at the data. There needs to be a good balance between creativity, inspiration and data. "

- Since launching, you have done collaborations with artist Muvindu Binoy and Maus and also you've released ranges like Neutral & Elements and even the No Waste capsules.

Do you have a favourite? Samaadhi - I cannot choose because they are all so close to my heart. They all came to fruition just out of curiosity - stay hungry, stay foolish.

Samaadhi says 'stay hungry. stay foolish'

- What's next for Anuk? Samaadhi - The next 5 years ;)

- Do you or Anuk have a Muse? Samaadhi - I think it's myself and my body. I have always told myself that I will not create something that I won't wear. My body has fluctuated so much in the past 5 years and it's something that many women go through. Major fashion labels change their muse every few years, I do the same by learning more about myself and listening to women around me.


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