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PR Face Mask Project

PR presents our new Face Mask project. Created using fabric ‘waste’ donated by our designers, we’ve selected natural fabrics to create fun, stylish and sustainable face masks!

One of the saddest outcomes of this pandemic is the rise of domestic abuse, in Sri Lanka and worldwide. PR presents our new Face Mask project in collaboration with Ceylonese Apparel Company. We asked our designers to donate any ‘waste’ fabric and we’ve selected natural fabrics to create fun, stylish and sustainable face masks.

ALL proceeds of the sale of our masks are donated to Women In Need.

Established in 1988, Women In Need (WIN) has grown into a respected organization both locally and internationally, as an institution which has lived up to it’s objectives of protecting victims of domestic and all forms of sexual and gender-based violence.

Women In Need (WIN) is a nationally acclaimed non-governmental organization in Sri Lanka, established in 1988, providing essential support services to women and girls victimized by gender-based violence. In 2018, WIN celebrated 30 years of dedication to addressing issues of violence against women in the country.

Our natural fabric masks are 2 ply, machine-washable and available in 2 shapes for added comfort!

Shop in store individually or as a set of 5, for Adults and Children | Shop online in sets of 5 for Adults and Children

Adult Masks Rs 500 each or 5 for Rs 2000 | Childrens Masks Rs 300 each or 5 for Rs 1200

Currently WIN is present in 6 districts, being Anuradhapura, Badulla, Batticaloa, Colombo, Jaffna and Matara. WIN also has 7 police desks located in the Police Women and Children’s Bureau and police stations in all districts mentioned and 3 emergency shelters located in Colombo, Matara and Batticoloa.

WIN offers psychological counselling, legal advice, court representation, emergency shelters, a 24 hour helpline and an App as intervention mechanisms and through these services, aims to protect, counsel, rebuild and educate victims, women and the community at large with the objective of creating a society free of gender based violence – a society of mutual respect for both men and women.

WIN’s counseling services include general counseling, family & premarital, trauma counseling and therapy. Their legal team provides legal advice and they represent clients in court, primarily to obtain an Order of Protection against the perpetrator under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 2005. WIN’s legal team also represents their clients in actions for maintenance and other such related matters, ensuring the rights of women and girls are protected and upheld.

Make a difference while helping us ‘flatten the curve’ by protecting yourself with our #PRFaceMasks!


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