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PR Wellness

During this challenging time, it is more important than ever to make sure you're taking time for self care. Meditate & stretch; take a break from the news, work and looking at screens all day.

Image Courtesy, Ryan Wijayaratne, You're My Favorite

As the month of May is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness, we decided to launch our PR Wellness campaign to promote mindfulness and well-being during your time #AtHome. This month, we will be sharing some tutorials and inspiring tips from some of our #PRCommunity to help you unwind, embrace some calm, and spend time outdoors with nature, if you can.

We know that in these uncertain times you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. I, myself, find I go through ups and downs in my day and week.

I am lucky, my go-to guru in Colombo is my best friend, Serena Burgess who is one of the few certified Yoga teachers in the country, she is the Founder of The Om Space and Co-Founder of Inner Guru Training. Serena has been guiding free meditation every day at 7 pm and it’s a wonderful community from all over the world that has gathered. Sometimes we talk about gratitude, we also just learn how to relax and share. Serena is an amazing Yoga instructor and offers classes online too. She agreed to be one of the voices in our PR Wellness campaign and will be sharing tips on yoga, meditation, mantras and much more!

Another friend, Eva Priyanka Wegener, is our window to the beautiful Southern coast of our island, a place I am dreaming of. She is the is the co-founder and visionary behind Sri Yoga Shala, a holistic retreat center. We’ve asked Eva to be creative with her locations to experience the varied faces of her world. She will be giving us a personal tour of her serene space and all the oasis encompasses. We’ve asked her to travel up the winding road and cross the now quieter Galle Road to another South Coast favourite – Wijaya Beach, run by her partner and legend, our friend Mahendra. We are hoping he will make an appearance too! Expect sun salutations at sun set and a lot more!

Childhood friend, the multifaceted Shobana Cooke, is a homeopath, tarot card reader and jewellery designer to a label we love at PR – 1948. Her spirit through her different roles is expressed in her jewellery. Shobana will talk about self-care, our immune system, and introduce you to the world of homeopathy, talk about kitchen chemistry and medicinal gardening – the latter being easier than you may think!

Stay posted through our Blog & Instagram Stories to learn more! We are excited!



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