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PR x Community

As we navigate a new normal, connectedness and community is now more important than ever before. We launched PR x Community in early April as our first #TogetherApart campaign during isolation.

Image Courtesy, ANUK

We asked our designers, customers, followers and community to share what brings them joy, what inspires them, what they are wearing and reading and what they have learned during their time #AtHome as a form of self-expression. Sometimes we may feel like what we are doing is insignificant, sometimes it feels like we’ve reached a new sense of purpose. We are all finding our way through this period in different ways.

Every label we represent at PR has a story and we hope the information we share is an insight into our brands and the designers behind them. Knowing more about the people who create what you buy and the artisans, charities and livelihoods supported, makes you a part of their story.

We took this time to reconnect and check in with those who matter to us. As a message of unity, whatever we are doing, through Social Media we remain #TogetherApart.

Discover more of what our #PRCommunity has been up to #AtHome on our Instagram Stories!

What are you doing?

How are you feeling?

What have you learned?

We'd love to hear about you, leave a comment below!

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