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T.E.A. time

This season PR is excited to do our first give-away courtesy, jewellery and design label 1948.

Our blog was designed to support our community in different ways, one being by offering you a glimpse of the stories behind products available and the people who design and create them, sharing their insights and who they are as individuals.

Shobana is a giving human being, 1948's designer and founder is multi-faceted and is a provider via all her roles. As well as a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and Yogic Lifestyle Counsellor, Shobana is a practicing Homeopath, Pranic Healer and Tarot Card reader in Sri Lanka. The designer is also a #PRWellnessExpert and someone we turn to.

1948 is supporting the T.E.A Project based in Kandy, Sri Lanka and we have joined hands to create an awareness raising campaign for this worthy cause which also hopefully results in some added funding.

The T.E.A. Project is a registered INGO in the hills of Hanthana, Sri Lanka.

T - Training

E - Empowerment

A - Awareness

T.E.A provides empowerment training, pre-school & after-school educational support, a food programme, VolunTEAr & Saturday Services from The Cloud - their revolutionary Centre for Children's Empowerment; The centre is located in the Hanthana mountain range, close to Kandy and supports children from neighboring plantation communiTEAs and 9 local Government partner schools.

The project helps give young people a voice. A voice which develops ambition, skills, knowledge and opportunities for underprivileged children, unlocking a child’s hidden potential.

Children need to feel valued as individuals with active rights; principles that will help guide their futures. Every child should grow respecting diversity and experience how helping others is a basic human righ and they practice passionately that developing skills, aspirations and confidence in young people is key to securing a positive and sustainable future for the next generation.

In the spirit of the season of giving, we are asking our community to learn and share the T.E.A. Project's story and make a donation if they wish and 1948 has donated 3 exciting gift packs which we will be giving 3 lucky winners on Christmas Eve.

1 - Handmade paper notebook, face mask, yoga mat carrier and sarong

2 - Bael shell candle set with brass matchbox, handmade paper notebook, gift card set, yoga mat carrier, Dulce Vi spice drink mix set

3 - woven clutch, woven fan and yoga mat carrier

We are not insisting that people must donate, we are simply hoping that by encouraging everyone to share a story with the added fun of winning a prize, that people may feel inspired to give and the more we share the story, the more chances we are offering the T.E.A. Project to benefit from awareness raising and/or funding.

To learn more on the T.E.A. Project - see here

To donate - click here

How you can win one of the fabulous 3 giveaways shown above?

  • Like and follow @pr_srilanka @1948shop @the_teaproject on Instagram

  • Tag 3 friends on your favourite giveaway with the hashtag #sharingTEA or simply be creative in how you choose to share, but leave us a trail so we can see!

  • We'll be announcing 3 winners via Instastory and DM on 24th December

  • The competition is open to everyone everywhere. We will choose one local winner, one international winner and the third will be either local / international at random!


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