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Welcome to our Blog!

Our journey so far has been a personal one, we look forward to sharing our stories, experiences and the faces behind the brands we work with as well as our extended #PRCommunity, family & friends.

Image Courtesy, You're My Favorite for Himeya Life

PR was launched in 2013 and we are proud of its growth as a platform for local and regional design, with our roots planted firmly at home in Sri Lanka. We work with designers that share our values to live with intention and purpose by creating authentic designs of quality, crafted with love by those who are behind the brands.

We are inspired by making changes and paving a way for design to have a more sustainable future and we start with ourselves; the designers we work with, how our store operates and how I live as an individual.

The journey of PR has been a personal one and this blog is a way for us to share our stories, experiences and the faces behind the brands we represent, as well as our extended #PRCommunity, family & friends.

In these times, connectedness and community are more important than ever. Inspired by being #TogetherApart we created new campaigns on community, wellness and self-care to share with our customers and followers during our time #AtHome. To give them more context, we put together our new blog for you to take time, read and enjoy.

It is important to me that I live and breathe what I retail. As we go along, discover the values which help us make choices in handpicking our products and learn more about PR as we continue to celebrate our creative community and stay connected #TogetherApart.

With love,



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